Daewoo Leganza

Here you can find many over my car.
Here are some short facts over my car:

manufacturer: Daewoo
model: Leganza
power: 98 kW
cylinder capacity: 1998 ccm
registration date: february 2000
mileage about 305.000 km, steadly increasing...
additional added:
  • Eberspaecher pre-heating system B4WSC
  • BRC Sequent24 lpg conversion system
  • Auberins oil pressure
  • Auberins oil temperature
  • Auberins exhaus gas temperature

  • To prevent my car from rust, I have sealed the body-cavities with mike sanders which is a great anticorrosive product. Some information about Mike Sanders will you find here . As described above, my car is equipped with a LPG conversion system. My system is from the italian manufacturer BRC. People always think, that a engine, which runs on LPG, has a higher combustion temperature. In fact, a engine which is running on LPG has a lower combustion temperature. This results out of the flame velocity: the flame velocity of a LPG/air mixture is higher as from a petrol/air mixture. Many engine failures results out of the wrong mixture between gas and air. Is there to much air in the combustion chamber, a lean mixture, the combustion temperature is increasing as a result of the lower flame velocity of the lean mixture. Therefore i decided to apply a exhaust gas temperature to get informatione over the combustion in my engine. More about the EGT, oiltemperature and oilpressure will you find in the navigation on the left side.